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Joining Amazing Bike Tours and their experienced guides for a cycling tour in Thailand’s Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga provinces will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture, eat with the locals, experience nature and wildlife and witness some spectacular breath taking scenery. Our Thailand cycling tours will open your ears, your eyes and your taste buds and provide you with an amazing, unforgettable experience.

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The expanding diving and liveaboard market sometimes is hard to overlook, easily you can get lost in the jungle of different offers and operators. We have listed all boats in different areas and countries to help you to make the right choice for a lifetime experience.

This is the most comprehensive source for liveaboard trips for Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more countries. And we are adding new boats and destinations every day.
Furthermore you can here find all information about the liveaboard boats on one single page - so no clicking around and searching for schedules, prices or specifications.

And we have listed boats for small budgets as well as the top stars ...

Your benefit is our almost 20 years experience in liveaboard diving. We can give you honest and solid recommendations on the boats, you just tell us what you want, how much you would like to spend, we are going to make a first selection for you ... or you do it by yourself with our easy to use Trip Planner.

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Liveaboard Operator

If you have your own boat or you are a liveaboard operator and want to show your boat on this site: We are sending regular newsletters to a huge diving community which is always searching for new boats, new destination, a new divesite.

On entry in our database you will get a free feature of your boat on our homepage and in the next newsletter.

If you have special or last minute offers, we will send them in extra newsletters to our readers.

Just click here to contact us for details.

Send us your enquiry now and we will find the best destination and the best trip for you!

Aggressor Fleet

We are proud that we now can offer you the unparalleled experience of diving with the yachts of "Aggressor" and "Dancer" Fleet. The mission of Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet is to provide scuba divers with the highest quality and most innovative and safest LiveAboard diving experience possible.

Fiji Siren is here!

© copyright by Worldwide Dive & SailAfter an epic journey from Bira, South Sulawesi, the S/Y Fiji Siren has arrived at Volivoli in northern Viti Levu!!!

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Books we recommend

John Williams
Lonely Planet - Diving and Snorkeling in Thailand
John Williams
Diving in South East Asia

Travel Agents

If you are a non specialized travel agency or an existing dive travel agent with destinations not in your portfolio, this page is for you!

We can help you increase your potential income as an agent in proposing dive travel to your existing travel consumers or by proposing them some diving destinations both on land based and liveaboard cruises, which you might not offer due to a particular focus of your market development.

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Group Charters

Ask for special rates for your dive club!

Feature - M/V Panunee

Panunee Yacht is a 32-meter long yacht offering a leisurely liveaboard scuba diving adventure. She is constructed and managed by a professional diver team who truly realize what divers need.
NEW DESTINATION: Papua New Guinea - Irian Jaya

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Eco News

MANILA, Philippines:

Scientists exploring a deep ocean basin in search of species isolated for millions of years found marine life believed to be previously undiscovered, including a tentacled orange worm and an unusual black jellyfish.

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This is the Diver's Site ...

Here you will find some interesting news from the diving community - special events, special places, special stories, whatever can be special. You can submit your articles here, your pictures, your videos ... because the very special in diving is the personal experience that YOU made ...

'This video was taken on Burma Banks during a liveaboard trip. We wanted to look for sharks on the westridge of the Banks, but the dive started not very good, we jumped on the wrong place, at the wrong time and the current was not the predicted one ... so no way to get back to the reef. But what started under worst circumstances turned out to be one of the best dives I have ever made. Being one with a school of barracudas, turning in different directions, dancing the underwater waltz ... '

E. V. (- whaleshark - )

Click here to send us YOUR pics, your story, your underwater video and we will put it online -and of course to see what others have to show or say ...

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