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We offer education from beginner level up to Instructor !

Over the years we have successfully trained many divemasters  who then went on to complete their instructor training with Bent Posejpal, PADI Course Director, as a part of our
3 month Internship Program.

If you want to get a stressful dream job as a divemaster or dive instructor, Scuba Diving Adventures now gives you the opportunity to sign up for this unique Internship Program. In cooperation with our partner Loma Diving Co Ltd - which is now our training facility! If you want to participate in this great program CONTACT Markus at Loma Diving here.

Course Director Bent Posejpal, co-owner of Siam Dive n' Sail, is our partner for the instructor portion of this Internship Program! 
Bent's knowledge of the PADI system of diving education is second to none. Bent has been diving Phuket since 1989. He was awarded with Platinum Course Director status from PADI in early 2007. He uses the latest techniques, tools, presentations and materials developed by PADI, and then polishes it for the best teaching experience for his students. His presentation and counseling techniques make you feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed. This builds a positive learning environment conducive to remembering the information you've been taught. He's been a PADI Course Director since 1994 (trained almost 1,000 Instructors) and that makes him one of the most experienced PADI Course Directors in Asia. We can promise you a great IDC and a great time with lots of fun, so come on over to PHuket, Thailand and "Get Bent". Here you can contact Bent directly for IDC Training.

WANTED - Rescue Diver and Divemaster - Internship

Rescue Divers and Divemasters for the coming 2007/2008 season. In three month only you can work off your diving education free of charge!!!

Enjoy three months in beautiful Thailand - get highly professional training - and gain experience on one our live aboard boats ...

And, as a bonus, you will dive some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world.


What you get:

This course will educate you both theoretically and practically in the following topics:

Office work
Customer relations and service
How to assist a PADI Instructor during the Discover Scuba Diving program
How to assist a PADI Instructor during the Open Water Diver Course
How to assist a PADI Instructor during the Advanced Open Water Diver Course
How to assist a PADI Instructor during the Rescue Diver Course
Learning to work as a dive-guide on day trips
Learning to work as a dive-guide on live aboard trips
How to assist the tour leader on liveaboard trips
Preparation and logistics of liveaboard trips
Equipment check and service

This complete education will guarantee your success as a divemaster.

What you need:

Having your own diving equipment including computer is highly recommended. If not, rental prices are 250 THB per day.
We offer a 10% discount on all equipment purchases.
PADI's Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving©
PADI's Diving Knowledge Workbook©
PADI's  The Wheel© (dive table)

What we need:

Completed application
CV or resumé
Summary of your personal diving history
Passport picture
Preferred starting date

Within fourteen days, we will process your application, let you know if you have qualified for the program, and confirm if there are places available on the requested date.

Dates for Divemaster program:

 01 October 2007
 01 November 2007
 01 December 2007
 01 January 2008
 01 February 2008
 01 March 2008

Important information:

You must be ready for work every day, be on time, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
You must have a professional, business-minded attitude and dress appropriately for work.
The costs for accommodation and PADI certification fees are NOT included.
Live aboard trips you will join during your course are normally free of charge. However, if you terminate the course (contract) before completion, you will be required to pay 70% of the total retail trip price.
If you terminate the course before the agreed three-month period, you will be responsible for costs incurred by us. These costs will be made clear in the educational contract.




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