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M/V Octavia

Built in 2003, and modified and thoroughly refurbished in 2007, M/V OKTAVIA is now one of the best maintained and most comfortable ships cruising the Similan and Surin Islands. She is a big lady: 30m long and 6,5m wide, and weighing 149 tons. Her size and weight makes her sit very steady, even in choppy water. She has a wooden hull, which more effectively reduces engine noise.

M/V OKTAVIA has four decks: the Engine Deck, the Main Deck, the Upper Deck and the Sundeck. These are all described below.

The Engine Deck is located down below, at the bottom of the boat. On most boats this an uninvitingly dark, dirty and cramped area. Not so on M/V OKTAVIA. Her Engine Deck is a well-lit, clean, and spacious place permitting walking and standing upright. Placed here are the two Nissan 10 cylinder 420 hp diesel engines that propel the boat. Normal cruising speed is 8-10 Knots. Two additional engines are placed here as well; two Hino 6 cylinder engines, connected to the generators, to provide 220 Volts electricity 24 hours each day. Engineer Neen meticulously looks after this place and makes sure everything runs smoothly.
Placed on the Engine Deck are also the freshwater tanks with a combined capacity of
20 000 liters, as well as the 7500 liter capacity diesel tank. Towards the aft of the Engine Deck, our two compressors - Bauer 250 Mariner Electric with an Air Cool system - are located. They draw clean and fresh air through long tubes going all the way up above the Upper Deck.
Towards the fore are four air-conditioned crew and staff cabins. Adjacent to them is the stairway to the Main Deck.

On the Main Deck you will find our thirteen neat, spacious, and air-conditioned Blue Ocean Cabins. The cabin doors face the main indoor corridor, for easy and convenient access to the four fully tiled shared WCs of European style and standard with hotwater showers. The toilets are checked, cleaned, and restocked several times a day.
The newly renovated, inviting, and well-equipped Galley is also located on the Main Deck. Here, magic is performed several times a day by our cook and her assistent. We promise you won't lose any weight while cruising with us. The delicious Thai and Western food they prepare is simply irresistable. For safety reasons, the cooking gas containers are placed outside.
Aft you will find the spacious Dive Deck where we keep all the diving and snorkel equipment. You will be assigned your own space where you can keep your gear. And, of course, you don't have to disassemble your equipment until you disembark.
Far aft is the Swim Platform, with two ladders for easy and quick access onto the boat after diving or swimming. It also hosts two additional showers to use for a quick rinse after getting out of the water. The Dive Deck and the Swim Platform also provides a good place for fishing while enroute to and from the islands. We often catch a couple of fish that are instantly sliced by the captain and served sushi-style. Yummi!
From the Dive Deck there is a stairway leading to the Upper Deck.

Towards the aft of the Upper Deck you will find what we refer to as the Party Deck. This is the place where all meals are served, buffet style. Here, we also conduct dive and snorkel site briefings. Furnished with lots of comfortable chairs and sofas, the Party Deck is a perfect place for enjoying an interesting conversation, napping, reading a book, or gazing lazily at the beautiful surroundings. Having lots of comfortable seating space is one aspect in particular that really differentiates M/V OKTAVIA from other boats. Who wants to sit on a hard wooden bench for four days?!
The Party Deck also hosts a bar area, which offers a good place for sipping an ice-cold Singha Beer and enjoying small-talk. The entertainment center behind the bar is for your pleasure equipped with a Sony flatscreen TV and a Dell media-PC loaded with music and movies.
Walking fore you will pass the two Master Suites as well as the bridge/Captain's cabin. On the flybridge there are two comfortable lounge chairs with footstools. These are arguably the best seats in the house- especially when the boat is moving. Sitting here with a 180 degree view and a cooling breeze in your face is magical. Adjacent to the lounge chairs is the stairway leading up to the Sun Deck.

The Sun Deck on M/V OKTAVIA is huge - approximately 65 sq.m. It has a large non-shaded area with mattrasses where you can lay down to catch the rays. Don't forget the sunscreen lotion! When you get too warm, move over to the large, comfortable, u-shaped and shaded sofa - a perfect place for a nap!
The Sun Deck is quite high up from the water - about 6m, making this a good spot for looking for dolphins or whale sharks. It is also a great spot for enjoying the stunningly beautiful Andaman sunsets.

Quick Fact Sheet for M/V Octavia:

Diving days
2 to 5
12,800 to 26,900 THB
upon request

Schedule and Prices

  # Destination days/
Departure Arrival Price per diver
Curr * ** ***
OC01 Similan Islands 5/5 20-Oct-2019 20-Oct-2024 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC64 Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 3/2 20-Mar-2020 20-Mar-2022 THB 19,600 19,600 25,600
OC08 Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 3/2 20-Nov-2020 20-Nov-2022 THB 19,600 19,600 25,600
OC23 Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 3/2 20-Dec-2020 20-Dec-2022 THB 19,600 19,600 25,600
OC51 Similan Islands 2/2 20-Feb-2021 20-Feb-2023 THB 12,800 12,800 16,800
OC50 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Feb-2021 20-Feb-2026 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC78 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 4/4 20-Apr-2021 20-Apr-2025 THB 23,000 23,000 35,000
OC36 Similan Islands 2/2 20-Jan-2022 20-Jan-2024 THB 12,800 12,800 16,800
OC35 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Jan-2022 20-Jan-2027 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC66 Similan Islands 2/2 20-Mar-2023 20-Mar-2025 THB 12,800 12,800 16,800
OC65 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Mar-2023 20-Mar-2028 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC10 Similan Islands 2/2 20-Nov-2023 20-Nov-2025 THB 12,800 12,800 16,800
OC09 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Nov-2023 20-Nov-2028 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC25 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Dec-2023 20-Dec-2028 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC24 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Dec-2023 20-Dec-2028 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC52 Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 3/2 20-Feb-2024 20-Feb-2026 THB 19,600 19,600 25,600
OC37 Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 3/2 20-Jan-2025 20-Jan-2027 THB 19,600 19,600 25,600
OC67 Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 3/2 20-Mar-2026 20-Mar-2028 THB 19,600 19,600 25,600
OC79 Similan Islands 4/4 20-Apr-2026 20-Apr-2030 THB 23,000 23,000 35,000
OC11 Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 3/2 20-Nov-2026 20-Nov-2028 THB 19,600 19,600 25,600
OC53 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Feb-2027 20-Mar-2004 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC54 Similan Islands 2/2 20-Feb-2027 20-Mar-2001 THB 12,800 12,800 16,800
OC39 Similan Islands 2/2 20-Jan-2028 20-Jan-2030 THB 12,800 12,800 16,800
OC38 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Jan-2028 20-Feb-2002 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC02 Similan, Richelieu Rock 4/4 20-Oct-2028 20-Nov-2001 THB 23,000 23,000 35,000
OC69 Similan Islands 2/2 20-Mar-2029 20-Mar-2031 THB 12,800 12,800 16,800
OC68 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Mar-2029 20-Apr-2003 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC12 Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 5/5 20-Nov-2029 20-Dec-2004 THB 26,900 26,900 36,900
OC13 Similan Islands 2/2 20-Nov-2029 20-Dec-2001 THB 12,800 12,800 16,800
OC40 Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock 3/2 20-Jan-2031 20-Feb-2002 THB 19,600 19,600 25,600

* Cat 1 = cheapest available or
only one type of rooms
 ** Cat 2 = medium price range *** Cat 3 = best available

Bunk bed cabin, 2 people

Bunk bed cabin, 3 people

Ensuite double bed cabin

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Fees/Terms & Conditions

Included in this Price is:

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Dates, Prices, Nationalpark-, Entry-, Visa- and other Fee, and Itineraries are subject to change without prior notice.

Divesite Description


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Technical Details

Built year 2003, modified and refurbished in 2007
Material Wood
Length 29,5m
Beam 6,5m
Draft 2,85m
Cruising speed 8-10 knots
Weight 149 tons
Fresh water capacity 20.000 liters
Diesel capacity 7.500 liters
Engines 2 x Nissan Diesel 420 hp, 10 cylinders
Generators 2 x 50 kva
Electricity 220 volts, 24 hours
Compressors 2 x Bauer Mariner 250-Electric with air cooling system and air filters
Facilities 4 WCs of European model and standard with hot water showers, 2 showers on the dive platform
Safety equipment Life rafts, life vests, dinghy, oxygene, first aid kit, life rings, fire extinguishers, high water alarm, 
CCTV-monitored dive deck, crew equipped with radio
Communication equipment Satellite telephone, mobile phone, radio
Navigation GPS, compass, sounder
Number of guests Maximum 24
Cabins 14 Blue Ocean Cabins (double bed for two people, bunk bed for two people, double bed plus single bed for three people)
2 Master Suites (25 sq.m, double bed, desk, lounge chair, ensuite bathroom, hardwood floor)
Cabin air adjustment Air condition and fan
Crew Captain, engineer, three deckhands, cook, assistant cook, janitor)
Dive and snorkel staff 6 instructors/guides
Miscellaneous Lots of comfortable seating, large sun deck, media-PC and LCD-TV, DVD- and CD-player, bar
Dinghy 4,70m with Yamaha 40hp and foldable ladder


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