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M/V Vilai Samut

Vilai Samut is a comfortable wooden boat, 26m long and 6m wide, specially designed for liveaboard diving.

She has 3 decks, we use the main deck and the upper deck during our trips, the lower deck is off limits and used as the engine room.

Starting at the back of the main deck you’ll find the dive platform and our spacious dive deck, where we also keep the compressor and emergency oxygen. The toilets and showers are here as well as the cabins, all individually air conditioned. At the front of the main deck we have the sun deck and the only place where it is allowed to smoke.

We walk up to the upper deck and find our lounge and dinner area. This is where we’ll do the briefings, eat all of the delicious food and where we’re most likely to hang out between the dives. Even when the boat is full there’s always room here to stretch out and you won’t feel crowded.

There are 8 air-conditioned guest cabins onboard, 2 double bed cabins, 5 twin bunk bed cabins and 1 four bunk bed cabins. It is possible to charge cameras and computers in the cabins.

There are three bathrooms with shower onboard plus two more showers on the dive platform.

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Diving days
4 to 4
17,900 to 20,900 THB
upon request

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MV Vilai Samut Liveaboard 4-Day Trip Itinerary - Khao Lak, Thailand

For those of you travelling with us for a 4 day, 4 night liveaboard adventure, we hope you are ready for a fantastic trip with 14 dives to look forward to plus time to relax and enjoy watching the Similan Islands pass by as we travel on Mv Vilai Samut to the best dive sites.   Like our 3 day liveaboards we start by gathering in the shop around 6 pm and head towards the Tap Lamu pier, located 15 minutes car ride from Khao Lak.

Day of Departure – The Journey Begins!

When we arrive on the boat we allocate our guests to their cabins, set up our equipment then we learn about the trip and the boat with a through briefing from the tour leader who will tell you where everything is, and most importantly, where to get coffee!

The boat starts heading out towards the Similan Islands while we have a nice buffet dinner with some fireworks to scare away any evil spirits that might have come on board while the boat was moored up at the pier according to Thai-tradition.

This the perfect time to check our dive books with maps of the dive sites we’ll visit and what marine life you can expect to encounter during the journey. You will find out who you will be diving with, plus who will be your guide so its a good time to discuss what you would like to see and what your preferences are.

The journey takes approx. 4-5 hours while you sleep comfortably in our air conditioned cabins. We offer sea sickness pills to everyone even if you usually don’t have an issue with this. The conditions are usually calm but the pill will help you sleep the first night on a boat if you are not used to it.

Please note this is to give you a guide to the sites we will be visiting and our normal schedule, but the sea and its conditions and currents can vary, please be aware we may change or re-arrange the sites to get the best dives possible.

Day 1- Wake Up In Paradise

After a wake up call at 6.30am, we meet together at 7am for a full safety diving briefing and a site briefing before kitting up to make our first dive at:

DIVE 1:  West of Eden

This site is a fantastic site to start your diving holiday normally with good viz and lots of marine life.  Conditions are normally calm, ideal for checking equipment and fine tuning weights.  In the shallower water, there is a wealth of corals and small bommies to hunt around for lionfish and octopus, as a special point of interest there is a large bommie  reaching down to 25 metres and peaking at 9m surrounded by glass fish and covered in sea fans making it perfect for our underwater photographers.  Search amongst the crevices for boxer and hingebeck shrimps plus sometimes some nice nudibranches.  You finish the dive in the shallows where you can search for morays and scorpion fish before returning to our boat.

After returning to the boat, we can dry off before having breakfast and an informal de-brief discussing fish life and points of interest with your dive guide.  Time to fill out the log books.

The next dive briefing is at 10.30 with our dive usually planned for 11.00am at

DIVE 2:  Elephant Head Rock

Named after the rocks that sit above the water which surprise, surprise look a little like an Elephant Head (its true!), this site is famous for its huge boulders and dramatic rock formations, with lots of swim throughs and overhanging ledge look out for Whitetip and Leopard Sharks.  Keep an eye open for groupers and nurse sharks, also for the pretty purple dark gobies.  There are lots of hard and soft corals plus many of the pretty coral fish.   This dive is normally a drift dive so we can enjoy a relaxing safety stop before our boat picks us up.

We will then all have lunch and time for a rest before the next dive briefing at 2.30pm before entering the water around 3pm at

DIVE 3:  Turtle Rock

Located on the northwest of Similan Island No.8, Turtle Rock is a perfect relaxing afternoon dive with good coral growths on rocky seabed with sandy bottom at 25metres.   Look out for stingrays and garden eels in the sea whilst hiding around the rocks you can find Sweeplips, Morays, Triggerfish and Groupers.  Lots of shrimps can be found hiding around the rocks.

We return to our boat for snacks and drinks before preparing again for our Night Dive at around 6.30pm, or a sunset dive.  This is normally briefed in your individual groups by your dive guide.

DIVE 4 NIGHT:   (Similan Island 8 or 9) 
18-19.00, Koh Tachai Reef

We do the last dive of the day shallow over the reef, as with all night dives this is a great time to look for the small critters, look out for the little pink shrimp eyes shining at you.   We can sometimes get visits from large barracudas which use our dive lights as aid for hunting.

Then back for dinner, informal discussions and identification of fish life and time for bed!


Day 2 - Manta Mania

Now we are getting into our diving routine, so wake up 6.30am, time to grab a coffee and toast, briefing then hitting the water at:

DIVE 5:  Christmas Point (Similan Island 9)

A really pretty dive to start the morning, there is normally some current so we check first then plan our entry.  The site consists of  impressive  rock formations and a drop off with large sea fans.  Its a great place to look for larger marine life such as black and white tip reef sharks and Napoleon Wrasse, its also great for our photographers with a variety of subjects such as macro life including nudi’s and frog fish.  We can keep an eye open for the shoals of Baracuda as well.

Then we head back to the boat for a well earned breakfast, and a power nap for those who need it in preparation for our second morning dive around 11.00 am

DIVE 6:  Koh Bon Island.

We will probably do several dives around this Island as its the most likely place to see Manta.  This first dive at the  Island will probably be on the West Ridge.  The Island is actually further north of the Similan Islands and is formed of limestone, not granite making it fantastic for finding crevices filled with shrimps and other weird critters as well as a playground for huge morays to hunt.  We will return for lunch then get ready for our next dive

DIVE 7:  Koh Bon Island

This time we will probably check out the south wall, which reaches a ridge which steps down to 40 metres, making it a good place to hang out and check for Manta and sharks.   We can hold on to the edge of the ridge and look out into the blue for any approaching Manta, if we are lucky we enough to see one, don’t approach as it can be wary, hopefully it will start circling and feeding on plankton.  Watch out as well for Napoleon Wrasse plus many other colourful coral fish.  The wall itself is filled with life with some lovely fans and soft corals.

We will be ready for a snack after this, and after watching the sunset we can prepare for our night dive which will be at 6.30pm

DIVE 8:  Night Dive – Koh Bon Bay

This is one of my favourite spots for a night dive, having seen some crazy critters including marble shrimps and a slipper lobster.  There is also the chance of finding Marble Rays, Giant Moray hunting and lots of Painted Spiny Lobster exploring their night territory.  It’s worth checking out the amazing light effects of the plankton in the water.  After all that excitement we should be ready for our delicious Thai buffet dinner plus time to relax and chat over what we have seen.


Day 3 – The Richelieu Adventure

Probably the most exciting day as everyone is looking forward to Richeleau Rock for our 2 morning dives.   Our liveaboard will start moving early in the morning so we can start our dives when the marine life is most active, so we will have our wake-up call at 6.30am with time for a snack and a cuppa with the dive planned for 7am.

DIVE 9 and 10:  Richelieu Rock

This dive site is a pinnacle in the middle of the ocean and works as a magnet for all marine life in the area. Our most famous dive site and highly ranked among divers world wide, and rightly so. The rock is covered in soft corals and sea fans, and with thousands of cracks for all sorts of marine life to live in such as, sea horses, ghost pipe fish, harlequin shrimps and large number of different moray species.

This site usually has a school of chevron barracudas and snappers patrolling the rock, that and the possibility to encounter our largest visitors, the Mantas and the occasional Whale Shark makes this one of the most exciting and diverse dive sites of the whole trip.

After the first dive we’ll have our big breakfast and after the 2nd dive we enjoy our buffét lunch.

DIVE 11 – 2.30 3.00 pm, Koh Tachai Pinnacle.

We head south again after our dives at Richelieu Rock, towards Koh Tachai island again. Koh Tachai Pinnacle or 3rd dive of the dive lies 300 m. south of the island.

The pinnacle starts at 12m and can have some stronger currents. Fortunately we use the mooring line for descent for easy access to the site and shelter from any current. This dive site comes alive more and more the stronger the currents get and can be an amazing adventure dive with good pelagic action.

It consists of hundreds of boulders around the main pinnacle, with large seafans and coral gardens. If you get lucky and get that 30m+ visibility while you dive here it’s a beautiful scenery.

After a light snack on board after the dive, we have the possibility to take our dinghy in to Koh Tachai Island to enjoy some beach time. This is the most beautiful beach we have in the area.

After some time to recharge our batteries, we can prepare for our night dive.

DIVE 12:  18-19.00, Koh Tachai Reef

Depending on the conditions you can choose to do either a sunset or a night dive.  This is the time you can find creatures you normally won’t see so much during the day dive, like green-eyed anemone hermit crabs, sponge crabs, lobsters and mating cuttlefish / octopi.

We’ll do the dive shallow on the reef and mostly look for the small critters, although sometimes we get visits from large barracudas which use our dive lights as aid for hunting or Giant Morays looking for sleeping fish.

After the 4th dive we serve dinner, buffét style of course with a mix of Thai and western cooking, time to discuss what we have seen and maybe share a Singha or two.

Day 3 – The Adventure Ends With A Wreck

We start our last day with our 6.30am wake up call and get ready to dive again, depending on the Manta gossip, we will either be diving the ridge or the pinnacle.

DIVE 13 – 07.00 Koh Bon Ridge / Pinnacle

The ridge is always worth a 2nd dive since the conditions change daily, especially at the tip of the ridge where the currents can be a bit stronger. The currents brings in nutrients and plankton and this is what attracts the pelagics.

The pinnacle is a stunning dive site, limestone formation covered in yellow soft corals, but needs perfect conditions to be worth diving since the top of the rock starts at 16m. Also this site is rather small so if other boats already jumped in it’s usually not worth going as we want to see fish not bubbles !

After the dive we have breakfast and our cook usually gives us an extra treat for the last breakfast on board in the form of fruity pancakes along with the normal continental breakfast.

DIVE 14 – 12.00 Bonsung Wreck

Last dive of the trip really stands out and is one of the highest ranked dive sites among guides in the area along with Richelieu Rock. The Bonsung Wreck used to be a tin dredger, scooping sand from the bottom to filter it for precious metals, before it sank some 30 years ago.

The wreck itself doesn’t resemble much of a ship or anything but it’s absolutely covered with marine life. On top of the wreck there’s a proper “fish soup” of schooling snappers, juvenile barracudas and jacks, and on the wreck itself you’ll find white eyed and honeycomb morays, different kinds of nudibranchs, lots of scorpion fish and it’s common to find cuttlefish and octopus in the sand around the wreck. This is also one of the few places we can spot the legendary stone fish, nominated as the ugliest fish in the sea.

The visibility is lower here than the rest of the sites with an average of about 10m but it makes up for it with the amount of life it holds.

When we finish the last dive our staff will start cleaning the equipment, if you got your own gear there’s time to rinse it and hang it up to dry before we return to port.

On the journey home we’ll have a delicious pasta lunch and maybe a beer or two while we reminisce about our dive adventure. This is the best time to get advice on any additional diving you want to do around Khao Lak and the Similans and also what other activities there are to do around here.

We get back to the pier approximately 3.30 PM where our taxis will be waiting to return us to the dive shop for 4pm.

Fees/Terms & Conditions

    400 THB Entry Fee + 200 THB User Fee per person per day
    400 THB Entry Fee + 200 THB User Fee per person per day
    are additional and to be paid by guest before departure in cash.

Included in this Price is:

  • Full accommodation on board in airconditioned or fan cabin.
  • All meals, tea, coffee and fruits.
  • A qualified PADI Divemaster as your dive guide.
  • Up to 4 dives/day including night dive
  • Tanks and weights.

Not included in the price:

    You can rent a full set of equipment. Price per day upon request.

Dates, Prices, Nationalpark-, Entry-, Visa- and other Fee, and Itineraries are subject to change without prior notice.

Divesite Description


For more Similan Thailand divesite descriptions click on the magnifying glass.

Technical Details

LOA 26 m
Beam 6 m
Draught 1.8 m
Displacement 55 Tons
Speed (max/cruise) 12/10 knots
Engines 350 H.P. x 2 Nissan V8
Generators 20 kW x 2
Recreation area 6 x 10m. 1
Entertainment TV, DVD, Stereo, Refrigerator
Platform 6 x 2 m
Suiting up area 6 x 8 m
Air compressors 2 electric Bauer Mariner
Kitchen 4 x 3 m
Toilet/Shower 3 rooms
Outdoor Shower 4 Units
Sun Deck 6 x 4 m
Fuel capacity 6,000 liters
Fresh water capacity 10,000 liters
Dingy 4m with 25 H.P. outboard


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